Where are the funds going?

Proceeds from the event will help to fund life-saving research and the provision of good breast health education and awareness programmes nationwide by Breast Cancer Ireland, who plan to channel funds raised by the #PinkArmy through the event this year into 3 specific areas, namely:


Clinical Trials Centre

The development of a state-of-the-art Clinical Trials Centre, to be housed in the new Breast Cancer Research Centre, being built on the grounds of Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, and due to open in Autumn of this year. This new Centre will help translate laboratory findings into newer, more effective, drug therapies for patients into the future.

Support Nurses

Support for the Breast Cancer Ireland funded specialist breast cancer Research Nurses in the designated cancer centres all across Ireland, whose role it is to collect and collate patient tissue and serum samples into one large centralized resource, accessible to clinicians and scientists nationwide, thus helping to speed up discovery times and research progression from laboratory to clinical trial

Education & Awareness

Support for the Breast Cancer Ireland Education and Outreach Programmes delivered nationally to schools, companies and community groups. These programmes educate on good breast health, outlining the signs and symptoms to look out for, and also how to properly perform a self-breast examination.

Thanks to our Sponsors

As with alot of events, they would not take place without Sponsors and we are delighted to have Sherry FitzGerald on board as lead sponsors for this event. Thank you also to all our other very generous sponsors who have helped make this possible.