Event FAQ

We've tried our best to answer some questions here, we'll be adding to these before the event

The challenge is open to Runners, Walkers and Wheel Chair Users only. Children are allowed to use bikes if they want to!

Nope... But we do recommend clothing of some sort to prevent sunburn 😉

You can use any device to track your activity. Follow the steps below on how to log that activity on your personal dashboard e.g. fitbit, Garmin, Strava app, mapmyrun app etc. .

Of course you can, The record for 100k in 30 days in 471km, can you beat that?    

We'll be giving you access to your 100k dashboard at the end of May where you will be able to login, log activities, create teams and leagues and track your progress. Full instructions will be posted online here.

Thanks to our Sponsors

As with alot of events, they would not take place without Sponsors and we are delighted to have Sherry FitzGerald on board as lead sponsors for this event. Thank you also to all our other very generous sponsors who have helped make this possible.