Frequently Asked Questions

    General Questions
  1. What activity counts towards the challenge?The challenge is open to Runners, Walkers and Wheel Chair Users only.
  2. Can I do a mixture of walking & running to complete the challenge? Yes!
  3. Do I have to have my T-shirt to start the challenge? Nope... But we do recommend clothing of some sort to prevent sunburn 😉
  4. What device can I use to record my distances?You can use any device to track your activity. Follow the steps below on how to log that activity on your personal dashboard e.g. fitbit, Garmin, Strava app, mapmyrun app etc.
  5. Can i do more than 100k? - Of course you can, The record for 100k in 30 days in 471km, can you beat that?
  6. Logging Walk, Runs or Wheelchairs Activties

  7. How to do I log an activity?Very Simply
    Step 1: log into your portal on
    Step 2: Click on the ‘Log an Activity’ Button
    Step 3: Select the date of your activity from the drop down calendar
    Step 4: Input the distance covered of your activity (Numbers only)
    Step 5: Activity Proof: Click Choose file and upload a photo from your device of distance covered.
  8. What happens when you log an activity? Every time you log an activity it will be added to your overall personal total KM and each of your league totals will also be updated automatically.
  9. Can I log multiple activities on the same date? Yes once you have tracked your activities separately and can upload proof following the normal log an activity steps as outlined above.
    (Each activity must be logged separately - even if completed on the same date)
  10. I forgot to log a previous day’s activity, what do I do?No problemo – Follow the steps as outlined above and select the appropriate date from the drop calendar (PS Ensure you have appropriate proof)
  11. How much information can other people doing this challenge see about me and my logged activities?The only people who can see any information about you or your activities are those who are in the same league as you.
  12. Leagues
  13. What is a league and why join one?We have included the league feature to allow participants to be part of a smaller army. This way you can see how others within your own league are getting on and what your combined league total is. Examples of leagues; Companies, Teams, Groups of friends, Families, Clubs or Organisations.
  14. How do I create a new league?A: Simples;
    Step 1: log into your portal on
    Step 2: Click on the ‘My Leagues’ Button
    Step 3: Click on the ‘Create New League’ Button
    Step 4: Give your New League a name
    Step 5: Click on the ‘Confirm’ Button
    Your New League will now be visible on your My Leagues List.
  15. How do I join a league?A: Simples;
    Step 1: log into your portal on
    Step 2: Click on the ‘Join a League’ Button
    Step 3: Use the search box to find the league you wish to join and select it
    Step 4: Click the ‘Join’ Button
    Congrats you are now part of a league! :D
  16. Who can create a league?Anyone can set up a new league
    (We recommend you check the list of existing leagues first to avoid duplication)
  17. How many leagues can I be part of?You can be part of up to 10 leagues at any one time
  18. Is there a limit to the number of participants in any one league?Nope
  19. Who decides who can join a league?It is up to each individual to decide which league they wish to be part of.
  20. I joined the wrong league or want to leave a league what do I do?If you joined the wrong league.. Don’t worry! You can easily remove yourself and your activities logged by clicking the unjoin button on your league list.
  21. What information can my fellow league members see about me and my activities?The only information that anyone can see about you are your name and your total KM’s logged.

Thank you Sponsors

As with alot of events, they would not take place without Sponsors and we are delighted to have Davy on board as lead Sponsors for this event. Thank you also to all our other very generous sponsors who have helped make this possible

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