Challenge your friends

Haven’t seen your friends in while? Missing the get-togethers and catching up with each other? Now you can all take part in a group activity while still keeping a socially safe distance. Staying apart but keeping your friends together has never been so much fun.

Challenge your friends to take part.

Help create those situations which trigger a flurry of Whatsapp messages & photos, as well as those side conversations wondering if Mary & Sean are doing extra runs on the quiet and not telling us about them! Who will get to 100k first?

Simply log on and register, use the dropdown menu bar to “create a group” set it up and invite your friends to join and take part. Your exclusive 100k dashboard will be live at the end of May.

As dashboard is live you can keep an eye on each others progress, watch the competition rise as the leaderboard changes, know what you have to do to keep ahead,

Exercise has never been such fun.

Staying apart but keeping our friends close

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