100k 2021 Ambassadors

We have 4 amazing ladies who have all been through or going through their own journey 

Fiona Morgan Coleman
Mayo/Galway, she's undeceided!

My name is Fiona Morgan Coleman, I’m married with two small boys (age 6&4 )living in Co.Mayo. In 2019 at the age of 41 I was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer. At the time it came as a huge shock as I always considered myself to be healthy and fit. I underwent surgery followed by chemo & radiation. Im currently finished treatment but still avail of regular Breast checks and bone strengtheners.

As a breast cancer survivor I am well aware of the importance of treatment and research, I would love for my army of supporters to get behind me and support this amazing cause 💗

Aileen McGeough

My name is Aileen McGeough, I am 41 and the mother of 4 young kids. At the age of 26 I discovered that I was the carrier of the BRCA 1 gene. I went on to have a double mastectomy to reduce the risk of getting breast cancer. Having lost my mum when I was 6 and my 2 aunts when they were young women to breast cancer I felt this was the best decision for me.

I am doing this in their memory and to raise vital funds for breast cancer research so that my daughter and nieces have every chance in the future. I look forward to seeing a sea of pink t-shirts across the country in June..

Madeleine McCoole 

I am delighted to be an ambassador for the 100kin30 days because feeling like I'm helping in any small way towards such a great cause gives my own cancer journey a purpose. Since being diagnosed 3 years ago I have wanted to turn my experience into something positive and this ambassodor role helps me to do that. I was lucky to find my lump early and it made a huge difference to my prognosis.

Ongoing research and enhancements to cancer treatment also meant that I was able to find out through the Oncotype DX test (a gentic test to determine the likelyhood of my cancer returning) that there was a high risk my cancer would return, this resulted in me having chemotherapy to lower the chance of a re-diagnosis.

As a cancer survivor I know the difference awareness, early detections and funds for ongoing research can make and I want to play my part in ensuring others get to experience these benefits. It also gives me a challenge up to my running game for June!! 

Lisa McElwaine

My life drastically changed on the 24th January 2020 when I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Breast Cancer at the age of 45. All I kept thinking was how would we tell our 3 Children aged 20, 17 & 12, we were just devastated. I have so much support from my husband, my children, my Mam, Sister, Nieces & a wide circle of amazing friends. There isn’t a week goes by where I don’t get something through the door from Flowers, Prosecco, Candles, Dinners, Afternoon Tea, Pampering gift Sets, Cards the list is endless.

I had an Army of Pink Girls behind me last June for the 100Kin30days and the crack was 90. I have no doubt I will have the same Army and more this year. The work from Breast Cancer Ireland saves so many girls like me with all the research, trials and support. So looking forward to see how my Leader board does this year with an even bigger Army.

“Knowledge is Power” & “Prevention is better than Cure"

Tara Cloney

My name is Tara Cloney and I am 34 from Drogheda, County Meath. I’m married to the luckiest man in Ireland and have two young kids who keep me on my toes (100k should be easy running around after them!)

I am absolutely delighted and honoured to be asked to be an ambassador for the 100k in 30 days event which will raise vital funds for Breast Cancer Ireland and help support the amazing work they do.

I found out I had the BRCA1 cancer gene when I was 21 and had a double mastectomy in 2011 aged 24. It was a decision I always knew the answer was ‘yes’ to. I've had a few lumps and bumps along the way but delighted with the decision. I felt like a ticking time bomb as the years went on. Unfortunately, there is a dark history with cancer our family, like many others.

Research and funding have proved invaluable in the last 10 years with regards to surgery options and surveillance. I am so optimistic for the future and what will be available in 10 years’ time.

Cara McAdam

My name is Cara Mc Adam. I am 41 years old and was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2019. I had surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and an on -going targeted therapy specific to my type of cancer which just finished in March 2021.

During my treatment, my husband Niall organised the 100k in 30 days for Breast Cancer Ireland last June. I took part and enjoyed every minute. Any exercise, even during treatment made me feel so much better and I really want to encourage other patients to take part.

There are so many studies now citing the benefits of exercise during cancer treatment with some even finding a decreased chance of recurrence in patients who embark on exercise programs. The 100k is such a positive experience and you feel part of something huge. It made a very tough time a little bit easier.

I was privileged to visit the RCSI labs where Breast Cancer Ireland fund vital research so not only can the 100k make you feel better you are also contributing to this important work continuing and ultimately saving lives.

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